lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

[Musica p/Edicion de Video] WOM 42 - Life in Motion (.wav)

West One Music – Life in Motion

West One Music – Life in Motion (Wav) | 661MB
Music for the sound design of films, trailers, cartoons, video games, TV shows, radio programs, presentation videos, video installations and advertisement. Also, to arrange music and song.
Each music track has several variations with different duration of play.

Name: West One Music – Motion (WOM042)
Type: Music Library
Publisher: West One Music
Genre: Corporate
Composer: Sandy McLelland
Release Date: 2009
Tracks: 37 tracks
File Format: WAV, 1411 kbps, 44Khz, 16 bit, PCM Stereo
Description: Positive mix of Lo-Fi pop grooves.

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WOM042.Motion.Wav.part1.rar WOM042.Motion.Wav.part2.rar WOM042.Motion.Wav.part3.rar

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WOM042.Motion.Wav.part1.rar WOM042.Motion.Wav.part2.rar WOM042.Motion.Wav.part3.rar

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